The Meritorious Achievement Award in Accreditation Activities was established in 1984 by the EAB to provide recognition for efforts to foster the maintenance and improvement of education through the process of accreditation of engineering, engineering technology, computer science, and applied science programs. Nomination deadline is Monday, 6 May 2024.

Nominate someone for an EAB Award

Nominee eligibility

The award is given to IEEE Graduate Student members, members, Senior members, and Fellows who have made contributions that have enhanced the accreditation process, and are currently, or have recently been, active in accreditation activities. 

Self-nominations are not accepted for any EAB Award. 

Team awards
In the event of an award going to a team, when a recipient is required to be an IEEE member, all members of the team are required to be IEEE members. Travel will be provided for one recipient only. Honorarium is to be shared equally among the team members. Only one honorarium for any one award will be given.


The award consists of a plaque and US$1,000. This award is offered annually.

Nominator requirements

Members and non-members of IEEE are eligible to serve as a nominator for this award.

Current members of the IEEE EAB, IEEE-HKN-BOG, or the IEEE professional staff may not be nominators, recipients, or endorsers of EAB or IEEE-HKN Awards, unless otherwise specified. Current members of the IEEE EAB Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC), IEEE Life Members Committee (LMC), or trustees and officers of the Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Graduate Fund or the IEEE-HKN Awards & Recognition Committee may not be nominators, recipients, or endorsers of awards associated with their respective committees, unless otherwise specified.

As specified in IEEE Policy 4.4.H, Eligibility and Process Limitations, individuals serving on any board or committee involved at any stage of the recipient selection or approval process for an award shall be ineligible to receive or act as a nominator or reference for that award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units.

Self-nominations will not be accepted, unless otherwise noted.

An individual can only serve as a nominator or reference for one award per category.

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Reference requirements

The nominator is responsible for providing a minimum of three, and a maximum of five, people to serve as references for this award. At least two references must be IEEE members.

An individual can only serve as a nominator or reference for one award per category.