Explore your creative side

Engineers and technology professionals are innovators who turn ideas into realities. They envision new ways to solve problems and focus on making things work more efficiently and effectively. IEEE members helped invent amazing technologies such as computers, DSL, cellular phones, microchips, and solar panels, among many other devices. 

Make a difference

The work of engineers helps to ensure daily health, safety, and happiness. DVD players, radio, television, computers, airplanes, space vehicles, cars, motorcycles, home appliances, life-saving medical equipment, computer games, and video games represent a mere sampling of the now familiar facets of life made possible through engineering. 

Shape the future

The work of engineers and technology professionals has a big impact on the world, which counts on the ingenuity and creativity of these professionals to develop innovative solutions for the 21st century, such as:

  • Developing sustainable energy solutions
  • Designing technologies to improve health
  • Creating systems that support communities
  • Designing electronics that assist people in need
  • Working to preserve the planet for generations to come