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The Committee on Engineering Technology Accreditation Activities (CETAA) is responsible for implementing IEEE involvement in the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET, Inc., the accrediting agency for engineering programs in the United States. 


CETAA functions and initiatives

information technology engineer doing repair workTo serve this function, the CETAA recommends specific criteria in IEEE fields of technical interest to ABET. The committee also recruits, helps train, and oversees the performance of IEEE members serving as ABET program evaluators (PEVs).

IEEE acts as the lead ABET society for programs in:


  • computer engineering technology;
  • electrical/electronic engineering technology;
  • electromechanical engineering technology;
  • information engineering technology;
  • telecommunications engineering technology.

The CETAA also provides program evaluators to ABET for engineering technology programs seeking accreditation in fields such as:

  • laser-optics engineering technology;
  • software engineering technology.