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As a representative and advocate for the engineering and computer science professions, IEEE has a strong and continuing interest in sustaining and improving the accrediting process for relevant degrees offered by universities and colleges worldwide.


ABET accreditation

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IEEE is the largest of the 30 professional societies that comprise ABET, Inc., the accrediting agency for engineering, computing, technology, and applied science degree programs in the United States and many other countries. Over 300 IEEE members serve each year as program evaluators responsible for applying accreditation criteria to specific academic programs and institutions. IEEE volunteers also serve as active members of ABET:

  • Governing boards
  • Accreditation commissions
  • Working groups

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Worldwide accreditation

In many nations and world regions, voluntary, peer-based accreditation processes are in early stages of development. To develop independent accreditation systems, IEEE works actively with:

  • Local educators
  • Engineering and computer science professionals
  • Industry officials
  • Government representatives
Consulting, technical assistance and other forms of outreach by IEEE assist new accrediting organizations in raising the quality of engineering, computer science and technology degree programs in their respective locations.  

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FAQs for Potential PEVs from Industry/Government