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What are the ABET training requirements?

volunteers participating in training workshopProgram evaluator (PEV) candidates are expected to complete prerequisite work for a one-and-a-half-day face-to-face training workshop. Pre-work takes approximately 20 to 25 hours to complete and must be submitted at least three weeks prior to training.  

The ABET program evaluator training pre-work website encompasses six modules covering:

  • The role of the PEV
  • The accreditation process
  • Application of the criteria
  • Outcomes assessment basics
  • The PEV performance appraisal process

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What refresher training does ABET require?

ABET requires that all program evaluators must complete a newly developed, online training course if they have:

  • Not gone on an evaluation visit in the last two years
  • Been active for five or more years

To successfully complete the training, program evaluators must pass three quizzes, referred to as "Checks for Understanding."


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What travel expenses will ABET cover?

ABET will:

  • Cover all reasonable travel expenses for the face-to-face training
  • Cover all campus-visit-related travel expenses in full
  • Coordinate all travel arrangements

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What are the ABET face-to-face training dates?

Face-to-face training will take place in Baltimore, MD, USA. There are three weekends offered in March, April, and May, and newly selected candidates must attend one of those weekends. If for some reason you cannot attend, you will have only one additional year to complete the training. If you fail to train within two years' time, you will be asked to resubmit your application.


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FAQs for Potential PEVs from Industry/Government