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The Meritorious Achievement Award in Pre-University Education recognizes individuals for work in a pre-university school, or those that influence school-based activities for pre-university students. These individuals should have inspired an appreciation and understanding of mathematics, science, technology, and the engineering process in pre-university students, and have encouraged them to pursue technical careers.


Candidate eligibility

Non-members of IEEE are also eligible for this award.


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Nominator requirements

The nominator for this award is required to be a member of IEEE.


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The award consists of a plaque and US$1,000. Travel expenses up to US$2,000 to attend the EAB Award Ceremony are also covered.


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Reference requirements

The nominator is responsible for providing a minimum of three, and a maximum of five, people to serve as references for this award. One reference must be a supervisor, such as a school principal.


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