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Find the EAB Meeting Agenda for 14 February 2009.


14 February 2009 Agenda



14 February 2009 - 8:00am-5:00pm EST

Ponce de Leon C – Condado Plaza Hotel

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Agenda - Version 8 - Updated: 2/11/2009

Item # Time Presenter Agenda Item Supporting Documents
1 0800-0810 Ramos Call to Order and Introductions  
1.1   Gorham EAB Roll Call 1
2 0810-0815 Ramos Approval of Agenda  
2.1   Ramos Consent Agenda  
2.1.a     ACTION: Approval of 15 November 2008 Minutes 2a
2.1.b     ACTION: Affirmation of 2009 EAB Membership 2b
2.1.c     ACTION: Affirmation of 2009 EAB Committee Membership 2c
2.1.d     ACTION: Travel Allowance for EAB Award Recipients 2d
2.1.e     ACTION: Approval of Appointments / Reappointments to the Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities (CEAA), and the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET 2e
2.1.f     ACTION: Reappointments to the Committee on Technology Accreditation Activities (CTAA) 2f
2.1.g     ACTION: Approval of Changes to Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMET) Program Criteria 2g
2.1.h     ACTION: Approval of Changes to Telecommunications Engineering Technology (TET) Program Criteria 2h
2.1.i     ACTION: Removal of IET Program Criteria 2i
2.1.j     RATIFICATION OF OPCOM ACTION: IEEE Representative Director to ABET (Confidential) 2j
(to be provided to
EAB voting
via email)
2.1.k     ENDORSEMENT:IEEE Bylaws - I-304. - Other Boards, Standing Committees, and Ad Hoc Committees, I-305. - Functions and Membership of the Standing Committees and Board, and IEEE Policies Sections 9.13 - Guidelines for Individual Benefits, Services Committee and 9.14 - Responsibility for IEEE Member Insurance and MGA Operations Manual, Section 4.0 MGA Committees 2k
      Adoption of Consent Agenda  
      Adoption of Agenda  
3 0815-0820 Ramos Introductory Comments by the Vice President Presentation
3.1     INFORMATION: Vice President report to Board of Directors – 2009 Goals and Activity Update 3a
4 0820-1000 Tzanakou/Kam/ Gorham Overview of EA Programs, Projects, Products and Services Presentation
  1000-1015   BREAK  
5 1015-1200   EAB Learning Stations  
  1200   EAB PHOTO SESSION – Ocean Garden (Outside)  
  1200-1300   LUNCH  
6 1300-1430   EAB Learning Stations Continued  
7 1430-1445   BREAK  
8 1445-1545 Gerstmann Invited Speaker: Elena Gerstmann, Ph.D., CAE, IEEE Staff Director, Corporate Strategy and Communications:  “Research and Educational Activities: What do our members tell us?” Presentation
9 1545-1600 Ramos/Gorham Learning Station Feedback Discussion
10 1600-1615 Kam Finance Committee Report Presentation
11 1615-1645 Mills/Kam

ACTION: Approval of IEEE Policy Paper – "The Role of Technical Standards in the Curriculum of Academic Programs in Engineering, Technology, and Computing"

12 1645-1655 Basar ACTION: Approval of Revisions to IEEE Expert Now Editorial Board Charter - Membership 5
13 1655-1700 Tzanakou/Kam INFORMATION: IEEE EAB Interim Travel Policy - Update 6
14   Tappert INFORMATION: IEEE / ABET EAC Appointed/Reappointed Program Evaluator Report  7
15   Tappert INFORMATION: IEEE / ABET TAC Appointed/Reappointed Program Evaluator Report  8
16   Ramos INFORMATION: EAB Planning document - Version 8 9
17   Ramos INFORMATION: EAB Operations Manual - Version 9 10
18   Peskin INFORMATION: Continuing Professional Education Committee (CPEC) Report 11
19   Gorham INFORMATION: 2009 EAB Committee and Staff Support 12
20   Fisher/Sinha INFORMATION: Member and Geographic Activities 13
21 1705-1715 Ramos Plans for 2009 Presentation
22 1715  

Next Meeting
27June 2009
Hyatt Regency
Los Angeles, California

23 1715-1720   Old Business  
24 1720-1725   New Business  
25 1725   Adjournment