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On 15-16 May 2009, the IEEE hosted a Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) development workshop in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for volunteers in Region 7. The event was held for those interested in working with their schools and school systems and in helping increase the level of technological literacy of local pre-university educators and their students.


Workshop goals

The overall goal of the workshop was to empower IEEE volunteers to:

  • develop collaborative relationships with local pre-university educators;
  • increase the level of technological literacy in local school districts;
  • contribute to the establishment of pre-engineering programs;
  • facilitate enhancements in school science and technology curricula;
  • expose more female and minority students to technology-related professions.
Montreal TISP Photo1

Montreal TISP Photo2

Montreal TISP Photo3



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Workshop materials

The following materials were used during the workshop:


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About IEEE Region 7


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About TISP and IEEE


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