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Technical standards touch the lives of communities and individuals across the globe, including innovators, researchers, academics, developers, businesses, and users. The standards ecosystem represents the interconnectedness among these participants and fosters the relationships that tie them together.

Universities are looking for more and better ways to prepare students for the workplace; they benefit from teaching about standards and preparing the next generation of leaders.

Companies are looking for new employees ready to meet new technological challenges; they benefit from employing emerging leaders who can understand and advance cutting-edge developments.


The program


  • The IEEE Standards Education Committee (SEC) is committed to bridging the gap between universities and businesses when it comes to the development and use of technical standards that advance technology for humanity.
  • In response to needs from both industry and academia, the SEC has created a prestigious six-month internship program for graduate and post-graduate students, as well as university faculty, that explores in-depth standards topics and technologies.
  • IEEE will link students and faculty looking for internships (via their universities) with companies looking for interns and will provide direction and oversight to the internship program.


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How it works


  • The internship program is sponsored by companies that employ interns to work on projects that contain a focus on standards.
  • The program begins with an extended orientation at IEEE offices.
  • Feedback throughout the program will be shared with the host company, the university, and IEEE.
  • All salary, living arrangements, and project details will be negotiated directly between the intern and the company, under the supervision of the university.
  • The end result will be greater insight into the standards lifecycle and the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for all of the key players.


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2014 India


  • The 2014 program is targeted to graduate and post-graduate engineering students studying in India, as well as university faculty.
  • The program is sponsored by companies either headquartered or based in India, and all work will take place in India.



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Program process flow



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Who to contact

For more information regarding the program, please e-mail


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Additional resources

For resources about standards education in the classroom, please visit:


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