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The ability to speak, read, and write technical English has great value to nearly all engineering, computing, and technology professionals.  

IEEE Sections and academic institutions in Regions 8, 9, and 10 where English is not the primary language are invited to partner with the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) in offering Technical English Programs to instructors and students.


How to plan a Technical English Program?

It is important to establish the focus and structure of the program offering. 

First, create a planning committee of four to six persons who can communicate with local universities and professionals to identify specific learning needs. This will help determine whether the target audience should be instructors, students, or both.  

Explore possible partnerships and alliances to deliver the TEP with local universities and/or professional groups.


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Determining audience needs

If your primary target audience is students:
1.    Determine if the program will supplement existing technical English courses at local universities, or be offered independently of these institutions.
2.    Decide what level of proficiency in English or technical English will be required for attendees to participate in the program.
 If your primary target audience is instructors:
1.    Create a list of local or regional universities from which faculty members and instructional personnel will be invited to attend.
2.    Determine the budget.
Once you have identified your target audiences in steps 1 and 2 above, then proceed with steps 3-5 below:
3.    You may need to identify funding sources; these could include local industry, the local IEEE Section, the IEEE regional organization, private donors, the IEEE Educational Activities Board and the IEEE Foundation.
4.    Determine the maximum number of attendees for the program, event dates, and timelines.
5.    Develop a curriculum for the event. The planning committee may wish to establish a subcommittee to review course materials from other technical English programs. Examples of past programs can be found below:


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Additional information

The IEEE Educational Activities staff is available to provide feedback and assistance on proposed programs.


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