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The Institute of Quality and Accreditation of Engineering Career and Technology Education (ICACIT) is the independent accreditation organization for engineering and technology degree programs in Peru.


ICACIT activities in Peru

students studying on campus groundsA decade ago, business leaders and educators in Peru recognized the need to grow both the quality and quantity of degree programs in engineering and technology as a means of helping accelerate economic development. While they recognized accreditation as an essential element of this plan, finding consensus on the methods and criteria needed to implement a new system of recognition proved to be a daunting challenge. 


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ICACIT initiatives

In collaboration with local authorities, the IEEE Committee on Global Accreditation Activities (CGAA) helped plan, deliver and fund a series of activities including:
  • conducting local workshops on the philosophy, purposes, processes and potential criteria needed to support a system of accreditation
  • sending volunteers from Peru to observe campus visits conducted by engineering accreditation bodies in other nations
  • translating documents from engineering accreditation organizations in other nations into Spanish
  • providing counsel to leaders of ICACIT, the accrediting agency in Peru that emerged from these steps, on accreditation criteria, evaluator training and building a sustainable financial model for the organization
As of 2010, ICACIT has been in full operation and has accredited nineteen programs in six institutions.


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