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Have a great idea on how you would put Watson to work? Exercise your skills and creativity by creating a cognitive app using Watson.

Participate in the IEEE/IBM Watson Showcase to:
• Find out firsthand what cognitive computing is all about
• Work with Watson
• Set you apart and give you a competitive advantage (teamwork, networking, boosting your resume, etc.)
• Receive an IEEE Certificate of Achievement & those all-important bragging rights
• Earn a chance to win up to US$2,000 cash prizes


Co-presented by:

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About Watson

IBM Watson was developed in IBM’s Research labs. Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer—by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes.

Watson “gets smarter” in three ways: by being taught by its users, by learning from prior interactions, and by being presented with new information. This means organizations can cipher through data to use the data that surrounds them, and use it to make better decisions.


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What is the Watson Student Showcase?

  • The IEEE/IBM Watson Student Showcase is about students using their skills and creativity, combined with the power of Bluemix, to create a cognitive app  
  • You, Watson, and Cognitive Computing: What will you create with Bluemix?


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Entry requirements

  • Open globally to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Teams of two to five students work with IBM Bluemix to develop apps.
  • At least one team member must be an IEEE Student member.


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Teams will submit:

  • One-page executive summary
  • One- to two-minute demonstration video
  • Copy of your source code


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Key dates

Register your teams intent to participate now. 

Once registered complete the following steps:

  • Learn:

What is Watson?

What is Bluemix?

What is Cognitive computing? 

View Introductory videos.

Deadline for submitting all deliverables is 30 September.

Selected award recipients will be notified by 30 October.

For complete details, download instructions (PDF, 59 KB)


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Detailed information

Please read the detailed instructions before submitting your app. You must register your intent to participate prior to starting the other steps.



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