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IEEE Technical English Programs provide curriculum materials and instructional strategies to faculty members that teach Technical English to engineering, computing and technology students for whom English is not a native language.


About the Technical English Program (TEP)

Within many technical fields, English has become the shared language of the profession. Yet many of the academic programs responsible for educating the next generation of technical professionals are located in emerging economies and other world regions where English is not the primary language. Graduates of these programs will be at a competitive disadvantage if they do not master the means of communication within the global engineering profession.
To address this need, IEEE conducts Technical English Programs (TEPs) in cooperation with local IEEE sections and/or a host university. Led by IEEE subject matter experts, several of the TEPs have focused on providing curriculum materials and instructional methods to faculty members. Other TEPs are designed for university students, and involve a series of intensive and interactive exercises aimed at enhancing their ability to speak, listen to, and read Technical English.
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