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The Transforming Engineering Education conference took place in Dublin, Ireland, on 6-9 April 2010. Learn more about the event below.

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Chairman, House of Lords UK

Co-hosted by IBM and IEEE, the conference, attracted nearly 150 engineering educators and officials from technology-driven corporations in 33 nations. The three day event was designed to be a participatory experience for attendees, with panel discussions whose topics ranged from the needs and expectations of employers of engineering and computer science graduates to the current state of engineering education. 
The knowledge and skill sets provided to new engineering and computing graduates by most academic programs are lagging behind the accelerating pace of change in professional practice, according to academic and industry participants at the global conference. 

A final report–out from the event declares that needed changes in the content and structure of engineering and computing education, involving greater exposure to essential non-technical subject matter, will require universities to create stronger partnerships with industry, as well as among allied academic units in engineering, business, law and the social sciences.

After discussion, debate, exchange and collaboration, a set of recommendations for industry and academia emerged.  For the full details of the discussion, please see press release below:


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