Robotics and Control Systems

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Digital Reality Community, IEEE

A community for practitioners and researchers in the areas of augmented reality, virtual reality and human augmentation. Join the community at no charge, and get involved.


IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Membership

Applied and theoretical issues in robotics, intelligent machines and automation, emphasizing efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability.


BioRobotics, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Technical Committee on

A community, and forum, for practitioners and researchers in the area of BioRobotics. Join the community at no charge, and get involved.


IEEE Member Digital Library

This monthly subscription brings IEEE members exclusive, instant access to IEEE journals, magazines, transactions, letters or conference papers - up to 25 articles a month, for just US$45 per month.


Control Systems Letters, IEEE

Publishes peer-reviewed brief articles that provide a rapid and concise account of innovative ideas regarding the theory, design, and applications of all aspects of control engineering.

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Control Systems Society Digital Library, IEEE

Online access to IEEE Control Systems Society sponsored conference and workshop papers.


IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Membership

Integration of the theories of communication, control, cybernetics, systems, and human-factors engineering.


Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications, IEEE Transactions on

IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Systems is devoted to the principles, design, and analysis of communication systems that use physics beyond classical electromagnetism.

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IEEE Membership

With more than 400,000 members (including students) in more than 160 countries, the IEEE is the largest technology professional society.


Sensors Letters, IEEE

IEEE Sensors Letters publishes articles on the theory, design, fabrication, manufacturing and application of devices.

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