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Big Data, IEEE Computer Society Technical Community on

A community, and forum, for practitioners and researchers in the area of Big Data. Join the community at no charge, and get involved.


Green Communications and Networking, IEEE Transactions on

Publishes papers on significant technology advances in green communications and networks including wireline, optical, and wireless communications and networks, and intelligent transport systems.

Format(s): Electronic


RFIC Virtual Journal, IEEE

Previously-published papers covering all aspects of the modeling, design, fabrication, and testing of radio frequency integrated circuits and systems.


Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on

Covers aspects of electrical generation, transmission, and distribution systems for industrial, commercial, public, and domestic consumption.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Biomedical Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on

Focusing on microelectronic issues in a wide range of applications found in life sciences, physical sciences and engineering.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


IEEE Electron Devices Society Membership

Engineering, physics, theory, experiment and simulation of electron and ion devices and their applications to engineering, medicine and sciences.


Big Data, IEEE Transactions on

The IEEE Transactions on Big Data publishes peer-reviewed articles with big data as the main focus.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Abstract


IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Membership

Theoretical foundations, applications, architectures, as well as circuits and systems implementation of algorithms for signal & information processing.


Circuits and Systems Magazine, IEEE

Covers the theory, analysis, design (computer aided design), and practical implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and to signal processing.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Membership

Design, implementation, and application of solid-state integrated circuits; including computers, communications, signal processing, optoelectronics.