Computing and Processing (Hardware/Software)

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Computers, IEEE Transactions on

Covers algorithms, computer systems, and digital networks; methods for specifying/measuring/modeling performance of computers and computer systems; and more.

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IT Professional

IT Professional offers solid, peer-reviewed information about today's strategic technology issues. To meet the challenges of running reliable, flexible enterprises, IT managers and technical leads rely on IT Pro for state-of-the-art solutions.

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Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on

Covers parallel and distributed systems research areas of current importance to our readers..

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Abstract


IEEE Membership

With more than 400,000 members (including students) in more than 160 countries, IEEE is the largest technology professional society.


IEEE Information Theory Society Membership

Processing, transmission, storage, and use of information; theoretical and applied aspects of coding, communications, and communications networks.


Haptics, IEEE Transactions on

Reviews the state-of-the-art and trends in the emerging field of biomedical engineering.

Format(s): Electronic


Sustainable Computing, IEEE Transactions on

Publishes high-quality papers that explore the different facets of sustainable computing.

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IEEE Member Digital Library Basic

This monthly subscription brings IEEE members exclusive, instant access to IEEE journals, magazines, transactions, letters or conference papers - up to three full-text articles each month. Rollover unused documents during the 12 month subscription term.


Learning Technology, IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on

A community, and forum, for practitioners and researchers in the area of Learning Technology. Join the community at no charge, and get involved.


Cloud Computing, IEEE Transactions on

Covering innovative research ideas and applications results in all areas relating to cloud computing.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Abstract