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Aerospace and Electronic Systems Conferences Digital Library, IEEE

Papers from AESS Conference from current year to early nineties.


Bell Labs Technical Journal

Bell Labs Technical Journal is read and referenced by sci-tech researchers and technology professionals in academic, research, and governmental communities; in standards bodies; and by Alcatel-Lucent customers, technical peers and competitors.


Biometrics Compendium, IEEE

Online access to select previously-published papers from IEEE periodical and conference pubs with biometrics-related relevance.


Broadcast Technology Society Digital Library, IEEE

Online access to conference proceedings papers sponsored by the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.


Circuits and Systems Society Digital Library, IEEE

Access to four IEEE Circuits and Systems Society journals.


Combined Power Electronics and Systems Journals, IEEE

Online access to five Power Engineering, Industrial Electronic, and Industry Application journals.


Communications Society Digital Library Plus, IEEE

More than 140,000 documents from IEEE Communications Society publications in a powerful, convenient library. Includes all legacy papers dating back to 1953. Access available via IEEE Xplore.


Communications Society Digital Library, IEEE

More than 50,000 documents from IEEE Communications Society publications, in a powerful, convenient library. Includes access to 13 Communications Society periodicals and more than 35 conference proceedings. Access available via IEEE Xplore.


Computer Society Digital Library, IEEE

Publishes peer-reviewed technical content that covers all as aspects of computer science, computer engineering, technology and applications.


Computer Society Periodicals Package, IEEE

Online access via to all IEEE Computer Society magazines, journals, and transactions.

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