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Electron Device Letters, IEEE

Covers the theory, design, perform. and reliability of electron devices, including optoelectronic devices, nanoscale devices, solid-state devices, and more.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Device and Materials Reliability, IEEE Transactions on

Provides leading edge information that is critical to the creation of reliable electronic devices and materials.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, IEEE Journal of

The IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics in Medicine and Biology accepts papers related to RF and microwave integrated circuits.

Format(s): Electronic


Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, IEEE

Applications-oriented and tutorial articles on topics in the broadly-based areas of instrumentation system design and measurement techniques.

Format(s): Electronic, Electronic and Print, Print


Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits, IEEE Journal on

Multi-disciplinary research in solid-state materials, devices, and circuits for novel energy efficient computation beyond standard CMOS (complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology.


IEEE Membership

With more than 400,000 members (including students) in more than 160 countries, IEEE is the largest technology professional society.


BioRobotics, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Technical Committee on

A community, and forum, for practitioners and researchers in the area of BioRobotics. Join the community at no charge, and get involved.


EMB Electronic Resource, IEEE

Includes electronic access to IEEE PULSE, T-BME, R-BME, T-NSRE, T-NB, J-BHI, T-BCAS and Conference Proceedings.


Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on

This journal covers algorithms, methods, techniques, and tools for the automated design of integrated circuits and systems, and on related areas.

Format(s): Electronic


Instrumentation and Measurement Subscription, IEEE Transactions on

Measurements and instrumentation utilizing electrical and electronic techniques.

Format(s): Electronic, Print