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Subsea Optics and Vision, IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society Technology Committee on


The Subsea Optics and Vision Committee serves a broad technology base with interests in underwater electromagnetic phenomena, research, and applications. Included are: Optical Imaging and Vision; Optical Physics and Physical Channel Characterization; Optical Sensor Development and Characterization; Holography and 3D Imaging Methodology and Processing; Optically-based Navigation; Optical Communications; Electromagnetic Sensing; and Quantum Sensing, Imaging, and Communications.

Applications include:

  • Conventional, non-conventional, and quantum optical sensor and systems development, testing, and evaluation for imaging, lighting, vehicle point-to-point or multipoint communications, ranging, chemical measurement, energy harvesting, etc.
  • Active or passive methods for undersea mapping, inspection, navigation, identification, localization, and detection.
  • Single and multidimensional processing techniques, implementation, and performance as applied to optical communication, image formation, detection/classification processes, secret key distribution and other cryptographic protocols for secure optical communications.
  • Characterizing the physical characteristics of water and photon behavior for modeling, predicting, describing or enhancing classical and quantum optical imaging/communication performance or capability,
  • Photogrammetric, tomographic, interferometric, temporal, or spatial principles for object detection, biological or minerogenic particle distribution characterization, chemical measurement, current measurement, data collection, etc.
  • Hybrid optical systems used together with other technologies
Several joint IEEE/MTS workshops have been conducted with emphasis on latest developments, technology direction, and future needs relative to a broad segment of the undersea research community.

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