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IEEE Computer Society Membership

IEEE Computer Society Membership

Grow your career with membership in the IEEE Computer Society, the world’s leading organization of computing and information technology professionals. The IEEE Computer Society is the computing community’s primary source for relevant and dependable data providing access to 33 magazines and transactions and more than 9,000 conference publications. Delivering unmatched opportunities to learn, collaborate and network with access to more than 225 international conferences, 350+ worldwide chapters, 40 technical communities, 3,500 self-paced courses and 24,000 reference books offered through SkillChoice Complete. With four professional membership options to choose from and one student, Computer Society delivers immediate access to trusted resources that have been designed to help you grow your career.

Fields of Interest: All major areas of computing and information technology: computer hardware, software, security, AI, multimedia, IT, networking, mobile computing, and more.

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