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Nanotechnology Express, IEEE


The IEEE Nanotechnology Express publishes novel and important results on engineering at the nanoscale. It focuses on nanoscale devices, circuits, systems, materials and applications, and on their underlying science. It is an interdisciplinary archival journal that covers all areas of nanotechnology. As such it has a 100% overlap with the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (T-NANO). In contrast to T-NANO, it will be dedicated to the rapid publication of letters (short papers), published as a Web-only, fully open-access (OA) topical journal on topics of great current interest.

This publication is sponsored by the IEEE Nanotechnology Council. The Council sponsors are: the AES, AP, CAS, COM, CPMT, CI, C, CS, DEI, ED, EMB, EMC, IE, IM, Mag, MTT, PHO, RL, RA, SSC, SMC and UFFC Societies.

Product No: ONL350

Nanotechnology Express, IEEE
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