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Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on


The enhancement of electromagnetic compatibility (electromagnetic compatibility is defined as the capability of systems or equipment to be tested in the intended environment at designed levels of efficiency without degradation due to electromagnetic interactions), including, but not necessarily limited to: the generation of engineering standards measurement techniques and test procedures; measuring instruments; equipment and systems characteristics, such as susceptibility (immunity), vulnerability, related propagation effects, and subjective effects, frequency allocation and assignment; improved (interference reduction or control) techniques and components; education in electromagnetic compatibility; studies of the origins of interference, both man-made and natural, and their classification; spectrum conservation; spectrum utilization; shielding techniques; side effects of electromagnetic energy; scientific, technical, industrial, professional or other activities that contribute to this field, or utilize the techniques or products of this field, subject as the art develops, to additions, subtractions, or other modifications directed or approved by the IEEE Technical Activities Board.

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