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The scope of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine covers the following areas that are related to "consumer electronics" and other topics considered of interest to consumer electronics: video technology, audio technology, white goods, home care products, mobile communications, gaming, air care products, home medical devices, fitness devices, home automation and networking devices, consumer solar technology, home theater, digital imaging, in-vehicle technology, wireless technology, cable and satellite technology home security, domestic lighting, human interface, artificial intelligence, home computing, video technology, and consumer storage technology.

Membership in IEEE's technical Societies provides access to top-quality publications such as this one either as a member benefit or via discounted subscriptions. All members of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society receive the electronic and print formats of this publication as part of their membership. Other members of IEEE or its Societies may choose only to purchase the combination (electronic and print) format, while non-members have the electronic option as well.

Frequency: 6

ISSN: 2162-2248

Product No: PER262

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