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IEEE Spectrum Magazine, the flagship publication of the IEEE, explores the development, applications and implications of new technologies. It anticipates trends in engineering, science, and technology, and provides a forum for understanding, discussion and leadership in these areas. IEEE Spectrum is the world's leading engineering and scientific magazine. Read by over 300,000 engineers worldwide, Spectrum provides international coverage of all technical issues and advances in computers, communications, and electronics. Written in clear, concise language for the non-specialist, Spectrum's high editorial standards and worldwide resources ensure technical accuracy and state-of-the-art relevance.

IEEE Membership includes a print subscription to IEEE Spectrum. Members may purchase additional print subscriptions for US$19.95.

Members may opt for a digital subscription, but in doing so, forgo print. The digital facsimile edition is accessible four ways: downloadable PDF, Web-browser based, iPad and Android tablet versions. Digital subscribers also receive The Institute in digital format.

To receive both print and digital versions of IEEE Spectrum, members may add digital to their print subscription for US$9.95.

Not a member? For a single print or digital subscription to IEEE Spectrum, contact Sunbelt:

+1 866 363 2304 (USA)
+1 615 377 3322 (Worldwide)

Institutions interested in an annual subscription should contact

Frequency: 12

ISSN: 0018-9235

Product No: PER500

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