Qualifications for Member Grade:

In order to qualify for Member Grade, you must demonstrate you are regularly employed in IEEE-designated fields with a combination of education and work experience for at least six years.

How to apply for Member Grade transition:

Once you update your member profile and if you meet the criteria as outlined above, you will automatically be elevated to Member Grade. Please allow 24-48 hours to see this reflected in your profile. You will also receive a new IEEE membership card that reflects your new Grade. There is no change to your IEEE membership dues.

Benefits of transitioning from Associate to Member Grade:

  • Members are permitted to vote in general IEEE elections, while Associates are not eligible to vote.
  • Members holding Member Grade or higher are permitted to hold volunteer office positions, while Associates are not eligible for officer positions.

If you have any questions regarding your IEEE membership, please call +1 800-678-IEEE (US and Canada) or +1 732 981 0060 (worldwide), or send your inquiries to the IEEE Contact Center.