Information on this page is designed for IEEE members who are interested in risk management. Resources listed here come from many areas of IEEE to help members identify, assess, mitigate, or avoid risks to their business. Risk management is a growing area of interest, and IEEE members are encouraged to suggest additional resources for this page by sending an email to

Note: The resources provided on this page do not constitute legal advice and are intended for educational purposes only.


Publications: Sample a selection of articles, books, and other resources available throughout IEEE.

Legal Library: Practical information from the legal perspective regarding business contracts, intellectual property and liability 

eLearning Course


The Risk Factor Blog
IEEE Spectrum's risk analysis blog, featuring daily news, updates, and analysis on computing and IT projects, software and systems failures, successes and innovations, security threats, and more.  

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Testimonials for IEEE-Sponsored Insurance
Thomas Fulton for Professional Liability Insurance:

“Starting up my new company, I am obligated to have professional liability insurance to provide service to my clients.”

“I bought the overage to protect my business and myself. The relationship with IEEE is what decided it for me.”


IEEE Professional Liability Insurance

Testimonials on IEEE Discount Programs
Ali Abedi for computer discount:

“The discount I got from DELL for being an IEEE member saved me enough money to buy more supplies for my laboratory and stretch the grant funds.”