IEEE offers an electronic membership option to new and renewing members who reside in countries where the per capita Gross National Income (GNI) is US$15,000 or less, as determined by the data published by the World Bank. Though published annually, IEEE uses a three-year average of the GNI for each country to determine eligibility.

Below is a list of the qualifying countries where members can select the electronic membership option priced at US$82-US$98.

Countries marked with an asterisk are eligible for electronic membership priced at US$33-US$47.

Do you reside in a country not on this list? IEEE offers other reduced dues options to members who are unemployed, retired, or meet a minimum income threshold. Learn more about these special circumstances.

Qualifying countries


Afghanistan* Ecuador Madagascar* Saint Kitts and Nevis
Albania Egypt Malawi* Saint Lucia
Algeria El Salvador Malaysia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Angola Eritrea* Maldives Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda Estonia Mali* Sao Tome and Principe
Argentina Eswatini Mauritania Senegal
Armenia Ethiopia* Mauritius Serbia
Azerbaijan Fiji Mexico Seychelles
Bangladesh Gabon Moldova Sierra Leone*
Barbados Gambia* Mongolia Slovakia
Belarus Georgia Montenegro Solomon Islands
Belize Ghana Montserrat Somalia*
Benin* Grenada Morocco South Africa
Bhutan Guatemala Mozambique* South Sudan*
Bolivia Guinea* Myanmar Sri Lanka 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guinea-Bissau* Namibia Sudan 
Botswana Guyana Nauru Suriname
Brazil Haiti* Nepal* Syrian Arab Republic
Bulgaria Honduras Nicaragua Tajikistan*
Burkina Faso* Hungary Niger* Tanzania*
Burundi* India Nigeria Thailand 
Cambodia* Indonesia North Macedonia Timor-Leste 
Cameroon Iran, Islamic
Republic of
Cape Verde
Iraq Pakistan Tonga 
Central African Republic* Jamaica Panama Tunisia
Chad* Jordan Papua New
Chile Kazakhstan Paraguay Turkmenistan
China, People's Republic of
Kenya Peru Tuvalu
Colombia Kiribati Philippines Uganda*
Comoros* Korea, Dem.
Rep. North*
Poland Ukraine
Congo* Kosovo Romania Uruguay
Cook Islands Kyrgyzstan
Costa Rica Lao People's
Democratic Republic
Rwanda* Vanuatu
Cote d ' Ivoire Latvia   Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Croatia Lebanon   Vietnam
Lesotho   Yemen
Democratic People's Republic
of Korea
Liberia*   Zambia
Democratic Republic
of the Congo
Libyan Arab
Djibouti Lithuania    
Dominican Republic      


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