Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui

Headshot of Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui

Senior Data Scientist, Afiniti
Secretary, IEEE Islamabad Section
Member Training Committee, IEEE MGA

"IEEE has given me a good chance to improve my management skills. Since my undergraduate degree, I was exposed to many scenarios where I learned valuable lessons including soft skills, networking, and above all, a circle of relevant professionals with whom I connect almost every day. IEEE has given me a chance to serve for the students and professionals around the Asia Pacific region. It has given me a platform from where I can help others through my skills."


Skyler Nix

Headshot of Skyler Nix

Chair, IEEE Ft. Huachuca Section

"I believe professionals in technology fields should join IEEE to help themselves and the community. With competition for the best jobs increasing every year, companies value employees who have relationships with the local community and hone their technical skills outside of work hours. It is also important to understand how protocols and frameworks are utilized to develop, maintain, and test electronic/IT systems. IEEE members are uniquely positioned to provide the innovative solutions needed in technical industries going forward. In addition to the human networks that can be tapped for advice or assistance, there are many web resources with special access just for members."

Read full letter from Skyler Nix (PDF, 115 KB)

Lawrence Wong

Headshot of Lawrence Wong

Vice President, IEEE Member and Geographic Activities

"IEEE’s mission 'to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity' challenges us engineers to work towards a better future for the entire global community, and there’s never a better and more exciting time to be a member of IEEE to be part of this meaningful mission.  I hope you will take this opportunity and experience for yourself what I discovered when I joined this dynamic community more than 30 years ago."

Steve Pearson

Headshot of Steve Pearson

IEEE Member
Communications & Programs Chair

"I started my IEEE journey 24 years ago in college and really didn’t know where it would take me. I knew that joining would help me demonstrate my devotion to the profession and help build out my resume for that all important first job.

My reasoning changed after being hired as I wanted to stay current with technology advancements revealed in IEEE publications or at local events. After several years I noticed myself becoming more interested in the people component that can only be obtained by networking and maintaining ongoing conversations with other members. This status quo was maintained for many years until I became an officer for PI2 Austin (which was then known as PES) and then started my journey of giving back to my professional community. Part of this journey was realizing that the professional community depends upon the non-professional community from which we all started."

Howard Michel

Headshot of Howard Michel

IEEE Senior Member
IEEE Past President

"People talk about job security. No one can give you that. Job security depends on the company. What IEEE can do - and I use the phrase carefully - is offer security. You can be the most valuable engineer by being current in technology and by networking with others. If you take advantage of the products and services that IEEE offers, you will become the most valuable engineer in your organization. And if your job goes away, you'll have no trouble finding another."

Dr. Vinton Cerf

Dr. Vinton Cerf

IEEE Fellow
Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Google
Received the Draper Prize for development of the Internet with IEEE members Leonard Kleinrock, Robert Kahn and Dr. Lawrence Roberts

“It’s the interaction among people, the side conversations, and the chatting in front of a whiteboard that makes IEEE so valuable.”


Dr. Paul Gray

Dr. Paul Gray

IEEE Life Fellow
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
University of California at Berkeley

“I joined IEEE because of IEEE’s journals and important opportunities they offer. In fact, I had my first paper published when I was an IEEE Student member.”


Dr. Deborah Frincke

Dr. Deborah Frincke

Senior IEEE Member
Chief Scientist for Cybersecurity Research
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

“To make lasting contributions to a discipline, you really need to have an organization like IEEE behind you.”

Photo credit: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Megha Basu

Megha Basu

IEEE Member

“The two important factors of being an engineer are staying up with cutting-edge technologies and networking. What I think IEEE provides is the best combination of both worlds.”


Dr. Lawrence Roberts

Dr. Lawrence Roberts

IEEE Member
Founder and current Chairman of Anagram, Inc.
Received the Draper Prize for development of the Internet with IEEE members Leonard Kleinrock, Robert Kahn and Dr. Vinton Cerf

“As a member of IEEE, I find it is an invaluable source of information and conduit for discussion.”


Elizabeth Plowman

Elizabeth Plowman

IEEE Graduate Student Member
Drexel University

“I joined IEEE because innovation does not happen in a vacuum. You can have the smartest people in the world, but without collaboration the technology is not going to go anywhere.”


Dr. Victor Lawrence

Victor Lawrence

IEEE Fellow
Bachelor Chair Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology

“IEEE encourages professional learning through its international conferences, workshops, short courses and publications.”


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