Sample savings for IEEE members

Below are some examples of just how much your IEEE membership can save you.

 Typical IEEE Member Purchases  Non-Member Rate  Member Rate
 IEEE publications subscription  US$445  US$36
 IEEE Xplore® article  US$33  US$14.95
 IEEE Spectrum magazine  US$29.95  US$0
 IEEE conference registration  US$1,050     US$822
 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing  US$1,075  US$85
 IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces  US$470  US$375
 IEEE eLearning course  Not available  US$69.95
 IEEE book on career survival  US$19.95  US$4.95
 IEEE Biometrics Certification  US$575  US$475


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IEEE members connect, communicate, and learn from colleagues, in addition to saving on products and services.