IEEE allows carefully selected organizations to mail relevant information on technical services, continuing education and conferences to IEEE members to supplement member dues. As a member, you can decide not to receive such mailings by putting a check mark in the "opt-out" box on either the printed or online membership applications and renewal forms, although the IEEE urges you not to do so.

Q. How many postal mailings from direct marketers can I expect to receive?
A. The most you will receive is 18 pieces over a twelve-month period, depending on your technical interests and the activity within your professional community.

Q. Does the IEEE approve all (3rd party or related association) mailings?
A. Yes. IEEE approves the proposed mailing to insure that it is relevant to your professional interests. This process often includes dual approval; by the list department and the technical society, if applicable.

Q. What types of mailings might I expect to receive?
A. The majority of mailings will come from universities and colleges promoting continuing education programs and seminars. Other mailings will come from organizations promoting technical conferences, calls for papers, career fairs, position recruitment, book offerings from publishers, and manufacturer's product announcements.

Q. If I elect to receive mailings from 3rd party direct marketers, will my e-mail address also be rented?
A. NO. It is currently against IEEE policy to rent, distribute or release member e-mail addresses. This selection pertains to direct postal mailings only.

Q. By electing to receive mailings from 3rd party direct marketers, will I receive unsolicited commercial emails (spam) sent to my IEEE e-mail address?
A. NO. This selection does not cause you to receive spam email. If you'd like additional information about IEEE's actions against spam, visit

Q. How will I benefit from remaining on the member mailing list?
A. You will benefit from exposure to information specifically related to your technical and professional fields of interest. In addition, the IEEE generates considerable revenue from this service. In 2000, over $1.1 million was generated resulting in an excess of 85% gain. This helps to supplement member dues and continue to provide valuable member benefits to our members.