Through its membership, the IEEE Standards Association provides a standards program that serves the global needs of industry, government, and the public. Because of its strong membership, the IEEE SA is proactive in meeting industry needs and responsive to worldwide standards issues.

Membership in the IEEE SA connects you with a vast network of peers from leading world organizations. You'll get focused connections for your industry standards concerns, activities and actions, and a full range of standards services to support your standards development job work. Tap into the expertise of thousands of professionals participating in the standards development process.

There are two types of IEEE Standards Association membership: Individual and Corporate.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited balloting - Ballot on as many standards projects as you wish by joining ballot pools to ballot on standards that impact your interests.
  • IEEE SA News - Stay in-the-know about opportunities in your industry before your competition with up-to-the-minute news on technology standards, developments, and activities. An optional bi-weekly newswire.
  • Voting Rights for Governance in IEEE SA - Individual members who are also voting members of the IEEE may vote for the President of the IEEE SA and ALL individual members may vote for the members-at-large of the Board of Governors. Voting privileges give you power in determining the direction of IEEE SA by annually electing your IEEE SA Board of Governors and the Association's President.
  • Discounts - Your membership gives you discounts on most standards products.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership Benefits Include:

  • Complimentary Individual Memberships - You get a number of free individual IEEE SA only memberships for your employed staff that are not existing IEEE or SA members. These memberships grant the same privileges as the IEEE SA individual members, and they stay with your company, so if an employee you select to be a complimentary individual member leaves your company, his/her membership does not travel with them.
  • IEEE SA News - The latest IEEE standards development news. Learn about opportunities in your industry before the competition does and stay ahead of the game with up-to-the-minute news on technology standards developments and activities with SA News.
  • The Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) - Your company can interface with the IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group, an arm of the IEEE SA Board of Governors. Comprised of corporate member representatives, this group provides a forum where you will interact with other members for their feedback and guidance, and advance new proposals for standards work.
  • IEEE SA Governance - Decide the governance of the IEEE SA at the Board of Governance members-at-large level. Voting privileges give you the opportunity to guide the IEEE SA in its strategic direction.