IEEE is your professional home for access to technology and engineering communities around the world, and its IEEE Society members tackle tomorrow’s biggest challenges ranging from climate change and biomedical engineering to artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and beyond.

Take advantage of the Multiple Society Discount Program to connect across several IEEE Societies to expand your expert network and collaborate on the latest cutting-edge technical research, policy, and innovation—all at a discount when you become a member of two or more participating IEEE Societies.

Steps to take advantage of the IEEE Multiple Society Discount Program

Renew your membership

  1. Renew your membership for two or more participating IEEE Societies.
  2. Discounts for participating IEEE Society memberships are automatically applied at checkout.

Join IEEE or modify your membership

  1. While joining or modifying your membership, be a member of two or more participating IEEE Societies.
  2. Discounts for participating IEEE Society memberships are automatically applied at checkout.

Effectively leveraging your discount

Today’s hottest technical innovations cross multiple IEEE Societies. In choosing your IEEE Society memberships, consider selecting IEEE Societies with overlapping or complementary fields of interest. Relevant Councils and Technical Communities are also included in the appropriate clusters. Examples of common interests include:

  1. Infrastructure and Integrated Environments: From autonomous driving systems to smart roads promising a revolution in land transportation and city environments, technology advancements are converging to transform everyday environments. Many IEEE Societies and Councils are focusing on infrastructure and integrated environments, including:
  2. Healthcare: Technical innovations (sensors, diagnosis algorithms, interconnected databases, etc.) provide an insight into the future of healthcare. Many IEEE Societies and Councils are potential fields for members pursuing healthcare advancements, including:
  3. Climate Change: Fostering global cooperation across IEEE’s fields of interest, the IEEE TAB Climate Change Program provides an opportunity to formulate technically feasible and economically viable solutions toward sustainability.
  4. The Future of Information Technology: The explosive growth in information technology capabilities promises to continue beyond the end of the celebrated Moore’s Law. Advances in the form of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc., on the one hand, to the more “intimate” computing elements such as sensors, networking, etc., are likely to be strong motivators in the future. Several Societies could be at the forefront of these efforts.
  5. Education, Policy, and Standards: Beyond the purely technical aspect of the IEEE mission, education, policy recommendations, and standards making are related activities that could benefit from the synergy of multiple Society memberships.

Terms and conditions

  1. Discount is available for a limited time.
  2. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion code. 
  3. If you renew or add multiple participating IEEE Society memberships, the 5% discount will be automatically applied at checkout.
  4. New and renewing IEEE electronic members who reside in a country/region where the per capita Gross National Income (GNI) is US$15,000 or less as determined by the data published by the World Bank will also have this program’s 5% discount automatically applied to any Society membership at checkout.
  5. This program applies to participating IEEE Society membership dues but does not apply to the IEEE Society Affiliate membership.

Participating IEEE Societies

The following IEEE Societies are participating in the IEEE Multiple Society Discount Program:

IEEE Technical Councils
IEEE Technical Communities