Important announcement: Google+ and Google Hangouts are being upgraded. Read about the changes/upgrades being made.

With GoogleApps@IEEE, members gain a robust capability for messaging with access to email, calendar, and contact services from any Internet-connected computer. In addition, members will also have access to Google Drive, Google+, and Picasa. With the use of these services there are varying degrees of privacy.

GoogleApps@IEEE is available to members at no additional cost. Users will have access to:
  • A unique IEEE email address (e.g.,
  • Mail forwarding or email inbox (Gmail)
  • 30 gigabytes of shared storage (Gmail and Google Drive)
  • 99.9 percent up time guaranteed by Google
  • Advertisement-free Gmail
  • Storage of files in the cloud for easy sharing and access from anywhere via Google Drive
  • Use Google Hangouts for messaging, voice and video calls

GoogleApps@IEEE uses a self-support model to more efficiently meet the needs of IEEE members. To answer questions about GoogleApps@IEEE, please use the applicable self-support resource in the list below:

Product Supported By Support Link
Google Mail, Calendar, Contact, Drive IEEE

GoogleApps@IEEE Support

GoogleApps@IEEE Help

Additional Google products (XLS, 54 KB) Google
Access GoogleApps@IEEE

To access your GoogleApps@IEEE service, go to Sign in with your IEEE Account username and password. 

Quick access to GoogleApps@IEEE is also available from myIEEE. The GoogleApps@IEEE gadget is visible to all members on the "myDesktop" page in myIEEE. Members can remove, relocate, or add back at any time.


Terms and conditions

Please use the links below to view the terms and conditions for GoogleApps@IEEE and Google.