IEEE ResumeLab is an online service that allows IEEE members to develop a resume or curriculum vitae using a wide array of resume templates. Members can also perform mock interviews using over 900 potential interview questions or develop letters, portfolios, and skills assessments to use during the interview process. Best of all, the information developed on IEEE ResumeLab is easily shared with potential employers, mentors, or colleagues via a personalized website.

Accessing IEEE ResumeLab

Sign in to IEEE ResumeLab by using your IEEE Account. Start by creating your IEEE ResumeLab profile. To allow for better customization of your resume, the information you enter into ResumeLab may be different from your IEEE profile. IEEE ResumeLab and your IEEE member profile will not be connected.

Access IEEE ResumeLab 

Program benefits

  • Resume or curriculum vitae (CV): Develop your resume or CV using a number of different templates geared toward technical industries, sectors, and work-experience stages.
  • Letters: The interview process requires various types of letters, from a cover letter to a post-interview thank you letter. ResumeLab will help you develop these letters and assist you in communicating optimally throughout the hiring process.
  • Portfolio: Create your portfolio of work.
  • Skills assessment: Take a skills assessment to help you highlight skills you possess, your competency in these skills, and how your experience with these skills is unique.
  • Mock interview: Perform a mock interview to help prepare for the real thing. Choose your interviewer, types of questions, and whether you want to record yourself or not.
  • Video resume: Create a video resume or use the video function to record a custom video message to potential employers.
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