General questions

Who can apply for Senior membership? Information is found on the Requirements for Senior Member Grade web page.

What are the qualifications for Senior Member grade? Information is found on the Requirements for Senior Member Grade web page.

The system won’t take my username and or password. What should I do? If you need assistance with your username and or password, contact the IEEE Contact Center.

Where is the link to the Senior Membership Application, Nomination, and Reference Form? It can be found on the Senior Member portal.

How soon after my application is reviewed will I know the results? Results of the meeting are emailed within two weeks of the meeting date.

What are the dates of the review panel meetings? The Review Panel Meeting Schedule is posted to the web; dates and locations are subject to change.

When completing my application online can I use the back button in my web browser? Use of the web browser back button will return an error message. To avoid this, use the "Return to Portal" button at the bottom of the portal page.

Applicant questions

Will my application automatically be saved? Yes. As you move from tab to tab, your progress is saved.

Am I able to create more than one application? You have the ability to draft more than one application; however, only one application may be submitted for review. Draft applications cannot be combined.

I have received several emails that my application is not complete. What should I do? If you have more than one application in “Draft,” you will continue to receive an auto-generated email per application to complete your application. Please email to request any draft applications to be deleted.

Can I upload a more current resume/CV? If your application is in “Draft” form and has not yet been submitted, you can log in to your application, click on the attachment tab, remove the current resume/CV, and then upload a new file.

Do I need to contact my reference to complete the reference form? Once you enter the membership number of your reference, your reference will receive an email to complete the reference form. The link to the reference form is contained in the auto-generated email. If your reference does not complete the reference form, it is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with references.

Where can I find references?

  • Contact your local Section volunteers for assistance. Information for your Section Chair can be found on the "References" tab of the application.
  • Attend Section meetings; network with Senior members and Fellows in your area.
  • Visit IEEE Collabratec™, the IEEE Member Directory Online.
  • Visit the Requirements for Senior Member Grade web page for additional information.

I already started my application. Can I still add a nominator? No. Nominations have to be entered prior to starting your application. Once the nominator signs in, enters the applicant’s membership number, and then signs out, the applicant can sign in and complete the application.

How can I delete an application? Please click the delete link that appears to the right of your name.

My reference completed a reference form for me, but it's not in the Senior Member Portal. Can it be uploaded to the portal? Please have your reference send an email to for assistance.

I submitted my application. Can I still make changes? Once an application has been submitted, changes cannot be made by the applicant. Email the change(s) to Senior Member staff (include your name and member number).

How can I check the status of my application? You can check the status of your application by logging into the Senior Membership portal.

How do I know if my references completed the reference form? Log into the Senior Member portal and click on the references tab.

My application was not approved. How do I submit additional information? Sign in to the Senior Member portal, click on the "attachments" tab. Please upload a new CV or any relevant information to help support your application. Then proceed to "review/submit" and the application will be reviewed at the next available panel meeting.

My application was approved. When will I receive the benefits for Senior Member? An email will be sent within two weeks of the meeting with more information about your approval and benefits.

Nominator questions

What are the steps to nominate an applicant?

  1. The nominator signs in to the Senior Member portal.
  2. The nominator checks "Yes" when asked if nominating someone.
  3. The nominator enters the member’s membership number.
  4. The nominator enters nominating entity (if applicable).
  5. The nominator clicks on another tab. This will save application; no need to complete any additional tabs (unless you choose to complete part or all of the application on behalf of the applicant).
  6. The nominator clicks on the "Senior Member Home" button.
  7. The nominator clicks on "Logout:". The application is now in "Draft" status.
  8. The applicant logs into the Senior Member portal.
  9. The applicant completes each section/tab of the application then "review/submit" the application.

Can I nominate an applicant after they have completed the application? No. Nominations have to be done before the application is started.

Reference questions

Can I change my reference form information once it is submitted? Once you submit your reference form, changes cannot be made.

How do I view the reference forms I submitted? Sign in to the Senior Member portal and you will see a section that lists all your completed referrals.

I didn’t receive an email to complete the reference form; can I still complete it? Yes. Sign in to the Senior Member portal and scroll down. A list will appear with any applications that require your attention. Click on the “Complete Referral.”

Volunteer Resources

Visit the Volunteers section for the following:

  • Senior member initiative
  • Section and Society benefits
  • Best practices for Sections and Societies
  • Schedule of review panels
  • Senior member statistics
  • Admission & Advancement Committee