Student Branches provide an opportunity for IEEE Student members to begin networking in their areas of interest and future profession. There are over 3,000 Student Branches in over 100 countries, globally.

To locate a Student Branch in your region, please contact Student Services:

Volunteers can access a list of Student Branches in one of two ways: 

1. Visiting the IEEE Organization Roster
2. Visiting SAMIEEE and obtaining a report

006699 color chip Region 1                     (Northeastern U.S.)

006699 color chip   Region 6
       (Western U.S.)

006699 color chip   Region 2 
       (Eastern U.S.)

FFCC33 color chip   Region 7 

006699 color chip   Region 3
       (Southern U.S.)

E37222 color chip   Region 8
       (Africa, Europe,  Middle East)    

006699 color chip   Region 4
       (Central U.S.)

008542 color chip   Region 9
       (Latin America)

006699 color chip   Region 5 
       (Southwestern U.S.)

6B1F73 color chip   Region 10
  (Asia and Pacific)



world map


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