An IEEE Student Branch provides opportunities to meet and learn from fellow IEEE Student and Graduate Student Members and engage with professional IEEE members locally. An active IEEE Student Branch can be one of the most positive elements of your academic career,  offering programs, activities, and professional networking opportunities that build critical skills outside of the classroom. IEEE currently has Student Branches at thousands of universities and colleges in hundreds of countries throughout the world. 

Getting started

The first step in forming an IEEE Student Branch is to complete the online Petition Form. You will need to have faculty and department support as well as signatures of at least twelve (12) active IEEE Student and/or Graduate Student Members. Link to online form  

If you have questions about this process, please contact:

Benefits of forming a Student Branch

An IEEE Student Branch gives students a community of peers, and a connection to faculty and industry professionals who drive innovation in countless technical fields.  Student involvement in Branch activities,   whether special projects,  social and technical meetings, outreach programs, conferences, local Section or Regional opportunities, etc.  can help develop a record of accomplishment and capabilities beyond the norm.

Benefits of forming an IEEE Student Branch

·         Opportunities to network on a local level

·         Free website hosting

·         Obtain funding for events, projects, and activities

·         Develop projects and obtain sponsorship based on your IEEE affiliation

·         Receive support for hosting professional awareness programs

·         Connect with other likeminded student groups to advance the IEEE mission

In addition to benefits, IEEE offers programs and projects that keep students interested in the Branch and its activities and their chosen profession. 

Executive Committee

The key to running a successful Student Branch is in the administration. There are several key positions: the Branch Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary), the Branch Counselor (or Faculty Advisor), and the subcommittee Chairs. While each has somewhat different duties, it is important to work together as a team. All officers should be aware of the benefits of IEEE membership. Find more information.

IEEE offerings

·         Participation in regional conferences, workshops, and competitions

·         Development of leadership, interpersonal and team building skills

·         Participation in awards, scholarships and project/design programs and student paper contests

·         Access IEEE online services and resources

·         Materials designed to promote IEEE membership and its services

The IEEE Student Concourse provides valuable information on IEEE Student Membership benefits and Student Branch programs. For specific questions related to forming your Student Branch, contact IEEE Student Services via