Updating your education profile to reflect graduate student enrollment

1. Sign into your IEEE Account by clicking the "Sign In" link at the top-right corner of the IEEE.org home page.

2. Ensure that your name appears in the top right corner.

3. Place your mouse over your name to display a dropdown menu.

4. Select "My Account."

5. Under "Personalize your IEEE Experience," select "Manage Professional and Education Information."

6. Update "Your universities/colleges." For Graduate Student member upgrades, change your profile to show that you have graduated with your undergraduate degree, and then add a new university/college to show that you are registered least one-half time in a graduate degree program. If you are going to be in a graduate program at the same university/college where you received your undergraduate degree, add it as a new university/college. For that new university/college, be sure to check "Graduate" under the "Education Level" field, and select the appropriate degree you are working toward.

7. Save your changes.

Updating your education profile by phone:
Call IEEE at +1 800 678 4333 (US & Canada) or +1 732 981 0060 (worldwide).


  1. If you have not exceeded the eight-year limit on being an IEEE Student member, your IEEE membership will reflect a student membership status.
  2. You must update your education profile to show graduate program enrollment on your member record prior to 30 June (of the prior year for many IEEE elections).
  3. Only voting members of the IEEE on record on 30 June holding the membership grade of Graduate Student Member (GSM) or higher is eligible to vote in the IEEE annual election.