IEEE Mentoring Program participants have a variety of positive experiences with their mentor relationships. 

Craig Chatterton (mentor)

"Participating in the IEEE mentoring program has been very rewarding and educational. It has given me the opportunity to share some of my experiences with younger engineers ... I have participated in other long-distance mentoring programs and enjoyed them. However, the IEEE program stands out due to the focus on engineering backgrounds and professional careers. I look forward to these new and ongoing relationships."

Jamie Garcia (mentee)

"I went to the site and found it easy to navigate, searched by location, and was astounded to have such a wide selection of local potential mentors. I contacted my current mentor and arranged a meeting. I immediately received suggestions on how to best position myself for my upcoming performance review.

"It is a pleasure to have made such a strong connection; IEEE has honed a valuable service, and whether you are a mentor or mentee, there is a great deal of value in this program."

Gary C. Hinkle (mentor)

"Helping young engineers develop in their careers is very rewarding. Working with some of these individuals has proven to be quite a challenge because of the diversity among those seeking mentors. I'm glad to be contributing to this program."

IEEE Mentoring Program

IEEE Mentoring Program is a member benefit for professional and Graduate Student members of IEEE.