IEEE through its various organizational units recognizes the exceptional achievements of members and outstanding contributions they make to the IEEE, their community and to the profession.  IEEE also recognizes those members who have volunteered their skills and time to plan & organize conferences, author papers, run local organizational units and engage other IEEE members into activities. For specific information on the various IEEE awards, please visit each site below.

IEEE Awards Program
Medal of Honor, Medals, Technical Field Awards, Corporate Recognitions, Service Awards, Prize Papers, Fellowships, Staff Award and links to other IEEE related awards.

Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) Young Professionals Achievement Award
Designed to recognize those substantive projects or achievements of a relatively short nature (one to three years) but which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of YP operations.

View a listing of past Award Recipients, listed by year, including YP award recipients

Member & Geographic Activities Board Awards Program
Includes MGA Achievement Award, MGA Innovation Award, MGA Leadership Award, MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award, William W. Middleton Distinguished Service Award, Section Recognition and Student Recognition Awards, and Friend of Member and Geographic Activities Board Award.

Technical Activities Board Awards Program
Visit each IEEE Society web site for separate awards

Standards Activities Board Awards Program
Covers areas including Corporate, International, Standards Medallion, Working Group Chair Award, Distinguished Service Award, Sponsor Award for Corporate Standards Development, and Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award.

Educational Activities Board Awards Program
Recognizes and honors individuals and companies for major contributions to engineering and technical education.

IEEE-USA Board Awards Program
Designed to recognize excellence, outstanding service and contributions to the furtherance of its objectives. See the web for a variety of award subject areas including Professionalism Awards, Awards for Technical Achievement, Literary Awards.