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IEEE memberNet is an online search and networking tool that allows members to connect with technical and engineering experts worldwide.  This tool can be utilized by members seeking peers who share a common technical interest, membership, or affinity. 

  • Exclusive benefit of IEEE membership, at no additional cost.
  • Only online directory that connects all IEEE members.
  • Enables networking by technical and geographic affiliations, affinities, and more.
  • Flexible search building tool using multiple criteria.
  • ‘myNetworks’ personalization to each member’s technical interests and involvement with IEEE.


Getting started

Follow these steps to get started with IEEE memberNet.  

  • Log in to myIEEE using your IEEE Account.
  • Locate the memberNet module in myIEEE and click on the opt-in preferences link.
  • Log in to "myAccount" using your IEEE Account.
  • Click on Edit opt-in settings and follow the steps on this page to opt in your profile info.
  • Save each opt-in setting carefully in "myAccount".  
  • Browse back to memberNet in myIEEE.
  • Launch the network.

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memberNet privacy

IEEE respects your privacy.  This is why memberNet is engineered with the flexibility to provide members with the ability to choose what information is shared via memberNet.

  • Members have full discretion over what items they may be found by in memberNet.
  • All profile information searchable on memberNet is managed by each member via opt-in preferences.  
  • Members control the level of information available in their profile via memberNet opt-in preferences.
  • By default, all members can be found by name and grade.
  • Results only show profiles of members who chose to opt-in to the information.  
  • Efficient opt-in management without the need to re-type profile information.  
  • Member profile opt-in information updated automatically when members update their myAccount data.

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Network search

IEEE memberNet contains a listing of personalized networks that are accessible to the member called “MY NETWORKS”. If a member selects one of the items in the “MY NETWORKS” area, results will be provided based on those who have opted-in to the selected network.



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