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The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society has a student paper contest for student members funded through the generous support of the Whitaker Foundation. Submissions are evaluated on merit, structure, clarity of composition and originality, and undergo the same review process as regular conference papers. Finalists must attend the conference and present their papers as either a platform or poster presentation and will receive free conference registration and limited travel support.



Prizes include US$300, US$200, US$100 cash awards, certificate, and complimentary conference registration, social function tickets, conference proceedings and limited travel reimbursement.


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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Student members (or membership applied for by 1 May).


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Basis for Judging

Two-page paper will be judged on technical merit, structure, clarity of composition, and originality.


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Annual International Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.


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IEEE EMBS Executive Office
IEEE Operations Center
445 Hoes Lane/PO Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ   08855-1331

Phone: + 1 732 981 3433

Fax: +1 732 465 6435


Society website:

EMBS recommends that students visit the annual conference website for specific information regarding the competition.


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YP - Mouser

Mouser Electronics is a proud sponsor of the IEEE Student Activities Awards Program.