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Please note: This award will not be given this year.

The IEEE Student Enterprise Award provides financial help to Student members who are looking to implement an idea for a project. It enables IEEE Student members to work with others on an engineering project, while simultaneously strengthening Student Branch programs. Topics may be of a technical or non-technical nature from research on cutting edge technology, humanitarian, and community service programs.


Eligibility criteria

  1. IEEE Student members of the Student Branch who have an idea for a project.
  2. Late submissions may be disqualified or penalized at the reviewer’s discretion.


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Nomination process

  1. A project proposal must be submitted via My Review Room.
  2. Each Student Branch may submit only one proposal a year. If you have more than one team interested, the Student Branch must hold a run-off to decide which proposal will be submitted to IEEE.
  3. Goals must be stated in the proposal, evidence must be given to indicate that two or more Branch members will be involved to promote teamwork, and a budget must be included.
  4. Supporting document (optional) may be attached; should not exceed five (5) pages. The document may have photographs, media coverage, graphs, figures, etc.
  5. Winning Student Branches are required to submit brief progress reports and photos, as requested, in addition to an interim Report and a final Report.


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1 February (annually)


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Evaluation criteria

A judging committee of the Student Activities Committee (SAC) members will evaluate each proposal based on established criteria and rules. 


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Funding for the project up to US$1,500.


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2015 recipients

Region 4:

  • Ball State University – Swarm Through Development Workshops


Region 5:

  • Rice University – Programming Workshops for Hispanic Students in Houston Region


Region 7:

  • Concordia University – Achievement Badges


Region 8:

  • University of Nigeria-Nsukka – Android Application (1990-2015)
  • University of Sarajevo –SmartHome2015
  • Nat’l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT) – Optimization of a Smart Grid Network Quality of Service (Qos)


Region 9:

  • Universidade Salvador –LifeBOX-Preserving Lives
  • Univ de San Buenaventura – Aircraft for First Aid Supplies


Region 10:

  • Nat’l Inst of Technology-Karnataka – Vertical Take-off and Landing Radio Controlled Tilt Rotor Plane
  • Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology – Advanced Security Systems in Trains using RF Module
  • University Varanasi – Hand Gesture to Speech Conversion Device
  • Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology – Automated Parking Space Allotment and Navigation System
  • Sri Sairam Engineering College – MPPT based Solar Charge Controller


View past winners of the IEEE Student Enterprise Award (PDF, 28 KB).


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Mouser Electronics is a proud sponsor of the IEEE Student Activities Awards Program.