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Do all the team members have to be IEEE members?

Yes, all the members of a team have to be either Student members or graduate Student members of IEEE. This is also an opportunity to promote IEEE membership on your campus and help recruit new Student members using the online join process.


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Do all the members of the proctoring team have to be IEEE members?

Yes, proctors should be an IEEE member of a higher membership grade (i.e., not an undergraduate or graduate Student member).


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Can a Student Branch have more than one team?

Yes, each Student Branch may have an unlimited number of teams, consisting of three IEEE Student members or graduate Student members and one proctor. One proctor can supervise a maximum of eight teams. Note that a university without an IEEE Student Branch can also form a team of the required number of IEEE Student members and a proctor.


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Can I participate using any programming language?

Problems can only be answered in any of the supported languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and PHP).


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Does IEEEXtreme have anything to do with Extreme Programming?

No, not really. Apart from the fact that they sound similar, there’s little in common: Extreme programming (or XP) is a software engineering methodology; IEEEXtreme is a programming contest.

Teams are entitled to use any methodology they want to solve the problems as long as it works correctly.


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When will the winners be announced?

The unofficial results will be available in HackerRank at the close of the competition. From the close of the competition, through 31 October, the IEEEXtreme Technical team will be evaluating code submissions. IEEE reserves the right to disqualify a team if it’s found to have manipulated or cheated during the competition. The official results will be communicated on or about 2 November. Winners will be contacted by IEEE directly.


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What are the scoring criteria?

Check back soon for the official rules document.


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I’ve heard the contest is pretty difficult and that a lot of people from later courses participate. I’m in my first year of university and don’t think I’m good enough. Should I participate?

Yes. For a start, taking advanced courses does not mean you’re necessarily better at programming. More importantly, this is all about the experience. IEEEXtreme is a lot of fun, and will help you face real-world problems that you may not see during college. Furthermore, the competition includes questions from various difficulties, from novice to expert levels.


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What types of prizes are being offered?

All active participants in the competition will receive a digital certificate and a digital gift bundle. “Active participant” is described as a team who makes a reasonable attempt at solving a problem.

IEEE is excited to bring forth a new set of top ten prizes to IEEEXtreme 10.0. You can see the list on our prizes page.


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Are there sample problems?

You can find various information on our Learning Resources page, including past IEEEXtreme problems, as well as links to practice content from our friends at IEEE Academic and HackerRank.


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What is the proctor expected to do during the 24 hours of the contest? Are students allowed to sleep?

The proctor should just make sure that it is the team members working on the problems and no outside help is being provided from other individuals. The proctor should ensure that the student teams are not sharing code, which is strictly prohibited. In general, proctors help ensure that the students are comfortable and are able to get food, water, and exercise during the 24 hours. The main goal is for the participants to have fun. The students do not have to be isolated.

Sleep is part of making sure the team members are comfortable. The team members can alternate getting some sleep, and you can make your own arrangements for sleeping.

There may be some surprises, about every six to eight hours, so it is important to keep monitoring the contest.


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What browsers are supported for IEEEXtreme 10.0?

The browsers that are supported to run HackerRank for IEEEXtreme 10.0 are: IE 11, Chrome v 44, and Firefox v 39. Please consult each browser’s Web site for more information on latest stable updates.


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What if we receive an error message saying "Ineligible due to IEEE membership grade" but all members of our team are eligible?

If you know that all members of your team are eligible to participate in IEEEXtreme 10.0 and you receive this error message during registration, please email with your team name, member number, and information about the participants who are receiving the error.


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