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To follow are the requirements to form an IEEE Student Branch Affinity Group.

An affinity group shall be a local unit of an IEEE entity or standing committee established by petition to the parent entity to fulfill the purposes of the IEEE. "Parent Entity" refers to an entity or standing committee. No parent entity shall be formed when the topic matter is within the domain of a technical group, as determined by Societies fields of interest.

The petition to establish a Student Branch Affinity Group shall contain the following:

  • Name of the Student Branch
  • Name of the parent entity (e.g., Women in Engineering)
  • Name of the organizer (who becomes interim Chair pending election of a regular Chair at a later organization meeting)
  • Name of the faculty Advisor, who must be an IEEE member above Student grade
  • Signatures of at least six (6) IEEE Student members who are members of the Student Branch and Women in Engineering who indicate they will join the Affinity Group, if established

The petition shall be submitted to the Student Branch Executive Committee for written approval and forwarded with this written approval to the IEEE Managing Director, Member and Geographic Activities.

Member and Geographic Activities staff will review the petition and work with the organizer to resolve any discrepancies. The Affinity Group shall be considered established after the IEEE Managing Director, Member and Geographic Activities has ascertained that the Regional Director and the IEEE parent entity have no objection to its formation.

The IEEE Managing Director, Member and Geographic Activities will notify the Member and Geographic Activities Board, the IEEE sponsoring entity, and the Student Branch Chair on behalf of the IEEE Executive Director.