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IEEE UFFC Society Newsletter
Sept./Oct. 2012   UFFC Homepage  Editor-in-Chief: Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb
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3. IEEE UFFC Frequency Control Awards
Three IEEE UFFC Frequency Control Awards are presented annually at the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium: the Cady Award, the Rabi Award, and the Sawyer Award. Any of the three awards is open to any worker in any of the fields traditionally associated with the Frequency Control Symposium. The selection of the recipient for each award is made by the Frequency Control Symposium Technical Program Committee with Greg Weaver, JHU APL, serving as the Award Chair.

2012 W.G. Cady Award

The I. I. Rabi Award is to recognize outstanding contributions related to the fields of atomic and molecular frequency standards, time scale realization, and time comparison and dissemination.

Dr. James Camparo

Citation: “For outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to the understanding of optical pumping using spectral lamps and lasers for improvement in Rubidium frequency standards used in terrestrial and space-based navigation and timekeeping systems.”





2012 I.I. Rabi Award
The W. G. Cady Award is to recognize outstanding contributions related to the fields crystal resonators, frequency control, frequency synthesis, noise measurement and sensor devices.

Dr. Bikash K. Sinha

Citation: “For theoretical advancements and innovations to the thickness-shear and surface acoustic-wave based quartz pressure sensors, as well as outstanding contributions to borehole sonic technology in the oil and gas industry.”




2012 C.B. Sawyer Memorial Award
The C. B. Sawyer Memorial Award is to recognize outstanding contributions in the development, production or characterization of piezoelectric materials of interest to the Symposium Technical Program Committee, or to recognize entrepreneurship or leadership within profit or non-profit organizations in the frequency control community (including all parts of the community).

Dr. Christine Klemenz Rivenbark

Citation: “For research and development of high quality crystal growth of emerging LGT and similar materials for the frequency control community, and establishment of a company for production of these materials.”







From left to right: Wan-Thai Hsu, Greg Weaver, Bikash Sinha, Dan Stevens, Christine Klemenz, Don Malocha, Jim Camparo, Mike Driscoll, Bernardo Jasduszliwer.


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