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IEEE UFFC Society Newsletter
Sept./Oct. 2012   UFFC Homepage  Editor-in-Chief: Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb
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4. Student Paper Competition
Each year the IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium conducts a student paper competition. The competition was coordinated by the UFFC Frequency Control Standing Committee Academic Chair, Leo Reindl, with student paper finalists in each of the major technical areas of the symposium being selected by the members of the Technical Program Committees (TPC).
Selection criteria are:
• Student is first author.
• Work is of high quality and done by the student.
• Abstract clearly describes the work and includes results.
• Student has not won the student prize previously.
     This year 20 finalists were selected at the Feb 13, 2012 TPC meeting from 74 submissions. The submissions and finalists were distributed across each of the 6 TPC groups (group 3 and group 5 were combined).

Group 1: Materials, Resonators, & Resonator Circuits
Winner: “Observation of kT/F Frequency Noise in Ultrahigh Q Silicon Nitride Nanomechanical Resonators” King Yan Fong, Yale University
Runners-up: “Spurious Mode Suppression via Apodization for 1 GHz AlN Contour-Mode Resonators” Marco Giovannini, Politecnico of Milan; “CMOS-MEMS Post Processing Compatible Square Plate Capacitively Transduced SiGe Resonator” Syed Naveed Riaz Kazmi, University of Twente; “Zero Temperature Coefficient of Frequency in Extensional-Mode Highly Doped Silicon Micro-Resonators” Mohsen Shahmohammadi, Oklahoma State University

Group 2: Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise, & Circuit Techniques
Winner: “Optimal Dithering Sequences for Spurs Suppression in Pulse Direct Digital Synthesizers” Kostas Galanopoulos, National Technical University of Athens
Runners-up: “Start-Up Robustness Against Resonator-Qs Defects in a 2-GHz FBAR VCO” Kim Östman, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering; “Compact, Widely Tunable, Half-Lambda YIG Oscillator” Xufeng Zhang, Yale University; “A Real-Time 32.768-Khz Clock Oscillator Using a 0.0154-mm2 Micromechanical Resonator Frequency-Setting Element” Henry Barrow, University of California, Berkeley

Group 3 & 6: Microwave Frequency Standards & Optical Frequency Standards and Applications
Winner: “Optical Clock Based on the Octupole Transition in 171Yb+” Nils Huntemann, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Runners-up:  “Micro-Fabricated Alkali Vapor Cells Sealed at Low Temperatures with Thin-Film Metallic Bonding” Rahel Straessle, EPFL STI-IMT SAMLAB; “Single-Crystal Silicon Cavity for Laser Stabilization Below 1×10-16” Michael Martin, JILA/NIST, University of Colorado; “Development of a High-Precision Multi-Ion-Trap at PTB” Karsten Pyka, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt; “Optoelectronic Down-Conversion Coupled with a Dual-Frequency Laser: Towards THz Metrology” Antoine Rolland, Institut de Physique de Rennes

Group 4: Sensors & Transducers
Winner: “GHz Aluminum Nitride Opto-Mechanical Wheel Resonators” Chi Xiong, Yale University
Runners-up: “Passive, Wireless SAW OFC Strain Sensor” James Humphries, University of Central Florida; “Micro-Electro-Mechanical Resonant Tilt Sensor” Xudong Zou, University of Cambridge; “High Frequency Graphene Nanomechanical Resonators and Transducers” Jaesung Lee, Case Western Reserve University

Group 5: Timekeeping, Time and Frequency Transfer, GNSS Applications
Winner: “Distributing RF Signals in an Ethernet Network” Pedro Moreira, University College London
Runners-up: “Suppression of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in High Power, Low Phase Noise Fiber Optic Links” James Cahill, U.S. Army Research Laboratory; “A Controlling Method in UWB Indoor Positioning System Based on Time Division” Yan Bai, National Time Service Center, The Chinese Academy of Sciences

UFFC-S President Jackie Hines and Academic Chair Leo Reindl posed with student paper competition winners: (from left) Jackie, King Yan Fong, Kostas Galanopoulos, Nils Huntemann, Chi Xiong, Leo. Another winner Pedro Moreira is missing from the photo.


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