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Grants Awarded in 2006

Thanks to the generosity of our donors who understand the importance of unrestricted giving, the IEEE Foundation was able to commit support from its General Fund to the following special initiatives in 2006.

Weather Radar Portable Engineering Educational Kiosk – US$21,280
Hofstra University
This project will create an interactive portable and replicable exhibit designed to show how radar instruments collect data about precipitation.  Exhibit users will learn how the information is acquired using engineering methodology, and shared with responsible authorities and the general public. The exhibit will be placed in museums and schools with the goal of motivating young people toward a career in engineering by sharing real life examples of how engineers impact everyday life.

2007 Pre-University Engineering Education Summit – US$30,000
IEEE Educational Activities
The “2007 Pre-university Engineering Education Summit: Averting Future Shortage of Engineers and Technical Educators” is planned for November 2007 in Munich, Germany.  This two-day highly interactive conference will bring together an international group of stakeholders from industry, education at all levels, government, and engineering societies to develop an action plan to address future shortages of engineers and technical educators.

Latin American Education Engineering Innovations Conference – US$12,530
Federal Center of Technological Education in Santa Catarina (CEFET)
This three day conference, to be held in Florianopolis, Brazil, will bring together university educators and students from throughout Latin America to share new educational methodologies and techniques.

Intergenerational Workforce Project – US$5,000
For the first time in four generations – PreWWII, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y - are all part of the workforce at the same time.  This study seeks to identify the issues facing each of the generations currently in the workforce to help IEEE members, their employers, and public policy leaders understand the changing environment of work and the changes needed to provide opportunities for engineers at different stages of their careers.

Student Study Tour to Finland, Sweden and Denmark - US$1,000
IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven
This grant will partially support a three-week study tour for twenty-four IEEE student members through Finland, Sweden and Denmark. During the tour, the students will visit many technology corporations and cultural sites enhancing both their technical knowledge and cultural awareness.

ICL2006 IEEE Student Track - US$4,000
IEEE Education Society
This project will provide a track for students from around the globe to share ideas on how education in the computer technology and engineering fields benefits society at the Interactive Computer Learning Conference.  The student track attendees will have the opportunity to interact with 300 professionals from over 50 countries and allow for further exchange of information between students and professionals on an international level.  The conference will be held 27-29 September in Villach, Austria.

Tesla – Neverending Story - US$9,550
IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section
The IEEE Belgrade Student Branch, along with a consortium of partners, is organizing an essay contest and conference for undergraduate and graduate students to celebrate the 150th birthday of Nikola Tesla.  The authors of the best 40 essays based on a Tesla theme will be chosen by a group of judges and invited to the “Tesla – Neverending Story” conference in Belgrade 8-16 July 2006 where they will share their ideas covering all fields of electrical engineering with other future engineers.

IEEE Honduras Section
This conference, allows students from Central America, Panama, and the surrounding areas to exchange ideas on technology and encourage students from every level to join the IEEE.  The conference will be held 19-22 September 2006.

A Thai Book about the IEEE Virtual Museum - US$15,000
IEEE Thailand Section
This grant will fund the translation and publication of the 9 exhibits from the IEEE Virtual Museum into a 300 page book.  Once published, the book will be donated to 5,000 high school libraries in Thailand and made accessible to over 3 million Thai students.  Through this book, students who do not have internet access will be exposed to electro-technology and its impact on society and the environment.

Mainstreaming Engineers in Africa and the Middle East - US$20,000
IEEE Boston Section
This grant will fund a program to help develop underserved IEEE sections by providing them with the technology to receive Distinguished Lecturer Program presentations from all over the world in real-time and to allow them to create their own distance learning presentations to share.  The program will focus on promoting these improvements for scientists and engineers in Africa and the Middle East.

Biomed Engineering Road Show for Middle Schools - US$10,000
IEEE Buenaventura Section
This project will introduce biomedical engineering to students in middle school through an entertaining road show.  The plan is to present medical tools that the students are already familiar with and explain the role engineers play in designing them to help people. 

IEEE Virtual Museum Bridge Grant - US$40,000
IEEE History Center
The IEEE Virtual Museum, a website operated by the IEEE, promotes and enhances the importance and history of technology and engineering by increasing understanding of the role of engineering in society and increasing scientific literacy by promoting their motto, “What was increases our understanding of what is.” 

You and the Future – A Working Retirement: Fulfilling Quality Lives for an Ageing Population - US$20,000
IEEE Sweden Section
This grant supports a workshop to discuss improving the quality of life for the elderly and finding engineering solutions to address the difficulties faced by the elderly when they are still active, but feel neglected by society.  The workshop will be held 13-14 October 2006 in Sweden and will welcome speakers and panels from around the world.

History of Soviet and Russian Computing - US$3,600
International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
"Perspectives on Soviet and Russian Computing", a first-ever conference being convened in Karelia (Northwest) Russia during 3-7 July 2006, will investigate the historical development of computing in the Former Soviet Union and explore the future of computing in the Region. Through this grant, three senior academicians and pioneers from the Former Soviet Union will be able attend the conference and greatly enrich the historical portion of the program.

1st Electrical Engineering Students National Meeting - US$15,000
IEEE Universidade de Sao Paulo Student Branch
The 1st Electrical Engineering Students National Meeting is a five day event, which will take place during 2006 in Campinas, Sao Paulo. Throughout the event, Brazilian electrical engineering students will explore a variety of themes designed to improve their personal and professional.

IEEE-R9-ANDESCON2006 - US$7,000
IEEE Ecuador Section
This grant will partially support ANDESCON2006, IEEE Region 9's annual technical conference, which will bring together researchers and practitioners from Latin America to discuss topics important to the engineering profession and the development of Latin America. The event will be held 8 to 10 November 2006 in Quito, Ecuador.

IEEE Medal of Honor - US$60,000
Established in 1917, the IEEE Medal of Honor is the highest award bestowed by the IEEE. The Medal celebrates and honors an exceptional engineer who has dedicated his/her life to improving the world by recognizing a singular achievement or an extraordinary career in the fields of interest of the IEEE. The award consists of a gold medal, bronze replica, certificate and honorarium.

IEEE Founders Medal - US$15,000
This award recognizes that leadership is as important to professional progress as technical ability. Established in 1952, this Medal is awarded for major contributions in the leadership, planning and administration of affairs of great value to the electrical and electronics engineering profession. The award consists of a gold medal, bronze replica, certificate and honorarium.

IEEE Haraden Pratt Award - US$9,000
Named in honor of Haraden Pratt, an exceptional IEEE volunteer who gave 31 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the IEEE, this Award recognizes outstanding service to the Institute. The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate, and honorarium.

IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award - US$3,500
Given in recognition for inspirational teaching of undergraduate students in the fields of interest of the IEEE, this award provide due recognition for such contributions as curriculum development, authorship of course materials, involvement with students and faculty in advisory capacities, as well as attracting and preparing students for a career in engineering and the sciences. The award consists of a bronze medal, certificate, and honorarium.