The IEEE Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for the management and direction of the IEEE Foundation. The role of the IEEE Foundation Board includes policy formulation, fundraising and administrative oversight. It also has fiduciary responsibility for the protection and prudent and proper use of the IEEE Foundation's financial assets.
The 2014 IEEE Foundation Elected Officers:

President - Leah H. Jamieson
Treasurer - Paul Y. S. Cheung
Secretary - Adrian V. Pais
Vice President, Development & 1st Vice President - Lyle D. Feisel
Vice President, Grants - John W. Meredith

Members of 2014 IEEE Foundation Committees: 

Finance Committee
Paul Cheung - Chair
Dave Green
Pedro Ray
Adrian Pais 

Development Committee
Lyle Feisel - Chair
John Treichler
John Impagliazzo
Eleanor Baum

Grants Committee
John Meredith - Chair
Lyle Feisel
Dave Green
Victor Lawrence
+ 3 representatives from the Life Members Committee (to be appointed by the Chair of the LMC)

Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee
Eleanor Baum - Chair
Wanda Reder
John Treichler
Pedro Ray

Victor Lawrence - Chair
John Impagliazzo
Wanda Reder